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Epicor® Avante Software ERP Support

Epicor® Avante is a legacy ERP system that is starting to become less supported by ERP consulting firms. PracticalTek is one of the few companies that still offers complete support for Epicor® Avante. With decades of experience in ERP software, we are able to help your business use your system more efficiently by optimizing the software for your specific industry and company needs.

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It is important to note that with the ever growing and changing software world, Epicor® Avante ERP systems will slow down and need maintenance over time. When this situation arises, we highly recommend upgrading your Epicor® software. Keeping up with the latest versions will help your system to run smoother and more efficiently, which is vital for successful business operations.

At PracticalTek, we realize that upgrading isn’t always an option (or the right one). Because we offer upgrades along with consulting, training, and other services, we understand there are many factors that can impact the decision to upgrade. Until the time is right for an upgrade, we are happy to provide all of our services for those using Epicor® Avante systems to keep their business running successfully and efficiently.



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Avante ERP Versions We Support:

  • 9.1.5
  • 9.2.5
  • 9.5
  • 9.7.5
  • 9.8

OS and Database Experience with respect to Avante:

  • uniVerse running on HP-UX
  • uniVerse running on Windows 2003
  • uniData running on Linux (Redhat)
  • uniData running on Windows 2003 and 2008

Avante Related Applications:

  • PRC versions 3 – 6
  • FormsExpress
  • Optio
  • iConnect
  • AWForms
  • BarTender

Our consultants have years of experience with the entirety of the Epicor® products suite. We know these products inside and out and understand all of the specialized complexities involved with legacy Epicor® Avante software. Whether you are in need of an upgrade, maintaining current software, or looking for a consultation, contact PracticalTek today for assistance!


If you need support, services or an upgrade for your Avante ERP system, please contact PracticalTek today!