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Epicor® Prophet 21 Support & Services:

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Epicor® Prophet 21, a cloud-ready, highly customizable ERP software uniquely designed for wholesale distributors, offers a variety of solutions to meet the needs of businesses. Some of the features of Epicor® Prophet 21 ERP include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Business analytics: This helps businesses manipulate and interpret their data as well as obtain actionable business intelligence.
  • Ecommerce: This lets businesses easily manage multiple branded websites. It also lets businesses optimize the digital experience for their customers
  • Financial management: With this feature, businesses can easily manage and monitor complex financial transactions, audit financial systems faster, and streamline inventory receipts as well as purchase orders.
  • Supply chain management: This solution enables businesses to optimize their supply chain for improved efficiency, reduced waste, and demand forecasting, among others.
  • Customer relationship management: Businesses using this feature are better able to accurately forecast sales, target new and at-risk customers, and improve sales lead-to-close ratio.
  • Enterprise content management: With this module, businesses are better able to capture, organize, store, and retrieve electronic data
  • Ad-Hoc consulting or Help Desk
  • Issue forensics
  • General troubleshooting
  • Support for all modules
  • Full or Partial system audits/discoveries and recommendations
  • Form enhancements

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PracticalTek’s Prophet 21 Services:

As a wholesale distributor, you may want to upgrade your Epicor® Prophet 21 ERP to enhance its functionality or add additional features to expand its capabilities; alternatively, you may want to get started with Epicor® Prophet 21 for your business. With experience since 1989, if you are in any of these situations, you should contact our expert PracticalTek Consultants to help you realize these needs.

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At PracticalTek, we provide support and services for Epicor® Prophet 21 ERP. We work with businesses to determine their operational needs, and then offer as well as implement the right Epicor® Prophet 21 ERP solution to meet that need. Additional services that we provide include:

  • Training: We train users on how to optimally use their ERP software
  • Go-live: We work with businesses in adopting new Epicor® Prophet 21 modules or getting started with Epicor ® Prophet 21 ERP for the first time
  • User and security setup: We set up new users with Epicor® 21 ERP based on the security policies and guidelines of the business
  • Data manipulation: We extract, validate, and format data to match Prophet 21 database standards
  • Development: We add value to Epicor® development services to maximize visibility, business methodology, and customer satisfaction
  • Consultations: We provide consultations for Epicor®, Epicor® 9, and Epicor® 10, so you can see if your company is getting the most out of those services
  • Upgrades: We facilitate a seamless transition of Epicor® upgrades focusing on processes and requirements ensuring you upgrade only the services you need
  • New Implementations: We’ll ensure you implement your software the most beneficial way to support your business with our Epicor® implementation services that follow Epicor® best practices

For more information about our services, and to get started, contact us.

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Did you know? We also work with a variety of other Epicor® systems, including Epicor® ERPEpicor® Avante, Epicor® Enterprise and Epicor® Vantage.