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PracticalTek is an independent software services provider with a combined 600+ years of Epicor® implementation & training experience among our team members. Our knowledgeable staff offers novice to advanced level training on all Epicor® software training modules.

PracticalTek will be glad to work with your team to customize your ERP training, providing your employees with specific instructions on how your company will utilize Epicor® advanced training. Our training services, whether on-site or remote, are customized for your staff based on their roles in the organization. We train using your data to maximize the experience. In cases that it may be more cost-effective for your organization, we also offer a “Train the Trainer” approach. Let us help expedite your Epicor® implementation through training options that fit your schedule.

PracticalTek Offers Personalized Epicor® ERP Training On Demand to Meet Your Organization’s Unique Needs

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PracticalTek offers both beginner and advanced Epicor® personal training for all modules. We recognize the importance of personalizing our ERP training courses for you and your employees. Our trainers will use your real-world business data to provide concrete examples and to let the trainees understand exactly how the software will operate within your company. We modify Epicor® training classes based on individual employees’ needs, so each role receives proper guidance. Our methods allow your employees to completely focus on the course.

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Flexible, Convenient Epicor® ERP Software Training Options

You may choose between on-site or remote training. However, we strongly recommend on-site, face-to-face training to maximize the course materials absorption rate. Historically we’ve discovered that on-site training provides the optimal return on investment (ROI). Each Epicor® training course consists of in-person instruction and an online program with exercises, definitions and other helpful information to increase understanding. All trainees will receive the course by email one day prior to the presentation, giving them time to review the materials.

How Long Does Epicor® Training Courses Take?

The length of the training depends on the courses you choose. We have determined the appropriate time each course needs based on our years of experience, which you can find in our course list below. To prepare for training, we advise bringing all employees into a large, conference-style room with laptops for each attendee and space for the instructor’s projector. We encourage your employees to ask questions and we address any company-specific problems that may appear with the Epicor®  software training.

“Train the Trainer” Programs Are Also Available

In situations where it may be more cost-effective for your organization, we offer a “Train the Trainer” approach. With this method of Epicor® training, our consultants will teach designated staff members, and these individuals then offer training to remaining employees.

Our Current Epicor® Training Courses

Let PracticalTek expedite your Epicor® implementation with convenient, effective on demand training options that fit your schedule and the specific needs of your employees. Review the course list below and contact us to set up training for your organization.

  • The course list below covers all base and advanced modules that Epicor® offers to its customers for versions Vista® 4, Vista® 6, Vantage® 8, Epicor® 9 training and Epicor® 10 training.
  • All trainees receive the course in an email 1 day prior to the presentation.
  • Within each course, we have course documentation, exercises/workshops using your test environment, setups, configurations, terms, definitions and many times FAQ’s
  • Once the course is completed, consulting can also be provided by the trainer as an optional service.
  • Ad-hoc consulting can also be provided in-process while the course is being presented.
  • PracticalTek strongly recommends onsite face to face training to maximize the efficiency of the course materials.
  • PracticalTek training is flexible with a daily start/stop time and lunch breaks. We commonly like to schedule a 15-minute break about every 1.5-2 hours.
  • We require a room that will have computers/laptops that the participants can use to login to your test environment – 1 per student is optimal.

We have an amazing set of training courses that covers ALL Epicor® training manual versions. Offering screenshots, examples, workshops/exercises, best practices, suggestions, recommendations, steps for how to’s, daily processing, special processing, a section about reports, dashboards, and an FAQ section that all of the PracticalTek consultants contribute to ongoing as well as after every implementation and upgrade with highly valuable notes. 

We have a great deal of time in these courses and present them onsite (preferred) or remotely on a time and material basis. Presentations are done by a consultant – a real world practitioner of implementations/upgrades/consulting.

The average times and course listings can be found here: Epicor® training pdf, scroll down approximately 5/6 pages.

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