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Ever find yourself wondering if your company is getting the most out of its Epicor® investment? Our Epicor® system audits have helped companies successfully maximize their Epicor® business systems for decades. We can help you utilize Epicor® more efficiently for your specific business needs.

When you need fast results from your Epicor® ERP system, there’s no better solution than an experienced Epicor® erp consultant. Working with a professional Epicor® application consulting firm, you can streamline your system to better suit your business with the help of a dedicated specialist. From expert implementation and technical support to employee training, an Epicor® audit consultant can help, and there’s no better firm than PracticalTek. No matter the version of Epicor® audit company you are using, our consultants have experience with it. Whether it be Vista, Vantage, 9, 10, Prophet 21, Enterprise, or Avante we can help!

Check out these testimonials from our satisfied clients:

“I am very happy and honored to provide you with a reference for PracticalTek. I have been EXTREMELY happy with the work that has been provided. I have not been using them for long (just a number of months), but in a very short time frame, they have reassured me that my trust in them as a consulting business partner is well worth it. I see their knowledge of the Epicor® Product lines as being very in-depth and their staff as highly resourceful. I highly recommend them as a business consulting partner for your business and technical application needs.” -M-B Companies

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Epicor® System Support Consulting for Your Business

Epicor® erp consulting with an expert is one of the best things you can do for your company, no matter how experienced you are with the system.

New users just getting started with the ERP may need help from start to finish. With Epicor® system help implementation consultants, you can get help from installation to customization of your software, so you’re using it to its fullest potential starting day one. We can train you and your employees on the software while also streamlining your processes, maximizing your productivity and efficiency from every angle.

Experienced users using the Epicor® software for years also benefit from the help of a knowledgeable service provider such as PracticalTek. Our experienced Epicor® consultants know every detail about the newest additions and upgrades to the system, and a new perspective can help you see potential solutions you’d never considered before. An Epicor® erp consulting firm can run a complete audit of your business practices, taking an in-depth look at your current settings, key highlighted fields, and overall system status to determine the best ways to maximize your day to day.

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The great thing about consulting is the fact that it can help businesses of every type, as well as experience level. Hundreds of industries benefit from the Epicor® software, and they all can benefit from a professional consultation. Just a few of the industries PracticalTek has helped in the past include:

Epicor® Consulting Service

  • Manufacturing: From the automotive and metals market to the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, Epicor® ERP consultant manufacturing, provides manufacturing businesses with solutions that help drive growth. Integrated, real-time data can help manufacturing plants respond quickly to constantly changing market conditions and demands, helping them stay on top of their business’ needs. We can help implement and customize Epicor® to work in the best way possible for these fast-paced environments, streamlining all of these processes to ensure that owners get the information they need when they need it with as little error and delay as possible.
  • Distribution: Distributors warehouse and transport massive amounts of equipment and product every day. Epicor® erp consultant software makes tracking all of the comings and goings as efficient as possible, linking together sales and inventory data with supplier and customer data to create holistic pictures of the distribution process, helping to identify any problem areas or issues as quickly as possible. With Epicor® consulting firms, this is even easier. PracticalTek can help your distribution business properly implement; minimizing data entry and ensuring smooth process tracking.
  • Retail: From local retailers to regional powerhouses, Epicor® consultant firm can help manage all the complexities and intricacies of the retail world. Customer and inventory tracking capabilities make the ERP a perfect fit for the retail industry, and a consultation can make the ERP software run even more smoothly in the fast-paced retail world. Everything from employee training to software optimization can help your retail business improve its profits in the incredibly competitive marketplace.
  • Services: The service industry is enormous and varied, including businesses ranging from education and financial enterprises to marketing and research companies. Epicor® ERP consulting services can help with any business in the service industry by providing comprehensive business software solutions to help manage resources and streamline operations. In combination with reporting capabilities, the Epicor® ERP software consultant can provide your service business with the incredible analytical capabilities needed to improve performance across your service territory, no matter how large or how small. However, getting there requires proper implementation, customization, and reporting, which is where an independent Epicor® implementation consultant can help.

Utilize features such as: Epicor® financial report designer, Epicor® MRP, Epicor® system audit, Epicor® project management consulting, Epicor® quick search, Epicor® Vantage consulting, Epicor® freelancing and more.

No matter your industry or the size of your business, if you’re using Epicor® software help, an experienced consulting firm can help you optimize it for your business. That’s where PracticalTek can help.

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About Our Epicor® ERP Consulting Firm

PracticalTek is an independent software services provider, offering comprehensive Epicor® services to businesses across a wide variety of industries. When you choose PracticalTek, you’re choosing to partner with an independent consultant who will help you optimize your software package for your business. We are extremely proud of the quality of service our independent consultants provide, which is why we only employ the best in the business. When you work with PracticalTek, you’ll work with someone who is:

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  • Experienced: Our Epicor® consultants have more than 400+ years of combined experience with the software, making us one of the top independent Epicor® consulting companies in the United States. All of our consultants have previous experience as Epicor® trainers, meaning they know how to teach the software effectively. We guarantee all our consultants possesses the unique skills necessary to help you and your staff learn how to use your ERP and its various features to their fullest potential.
  • Knowledgeable: Our technicians and staff undergo thorough and continuous training, both in older and newer versions. Our staff constantly works to keep up to date with the latest software versions and updates, no matter the size or scope. This helps our technicians solidify their knowledge, helping them to know each version of the software from the ground up. This comprehensive understanding of the software means our consultants will know how to handle any situation.

Epicor® Consultants Focused on You

At PracticalTek, we believe in implementing processes, not software. While software poses a single solution, processes can be customized to fit any situation. That’s why our consulting services are a head above the rest.

PracticalTek takes a customized approach to your business based on its particular needs and functions. We’ll analyze your unique business processes and audit your software to see how you are currently using it, before guiding you to the services that’ll best benefit you.

Just a few of the services we provide include:

  • Implementation: Optimizing Epicor® for your business starts with implementing the software correctly from day one. At PracticalTek, our Epicor® implementation consultants ensure a high quality, error free download every time. We can help your business through the initial stages of the software setup, checking your computers for any errors or potential sources of problems to verify the software works as smoothly as possible. 
  • Customization: The Epicor® software works best when customized to your particular business. If improperly set up, the incorrect settings can simply get in the way, resulting in extra manual labor, unnecessarily repetitive data entry, data losses from human error and the loss of time and money. A few simple customizing steps, and we can save you hundreds of clicks and keystrokes. 

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At PracticalTek, we want to optimize and customize the ERP to work for you, not against you. Our certified experts can look at your current settings and make recommendations on how to improve the software for your business. You can rest easy knowing that your configuration is customized and optimized to best serve the needs of your business. 

  • Training: Whether you’re a key IT professional in a Fortune 500 company or the manager of a small local business with no IT experience at all, PracticalTek can provide you with a personalized training program to help you maximize your use. Our knowledge and experience with the Epicor® software makes PracticalTek one of the best training services in the industry. We offer extensive, comprehensive and customized Epicor® training services for managerial staff, potential trainers and entry-level employees alike, providing your organization with the insight you need to maximize all of your key business processes. We can even offer these training services onsite or a remote connection – anything to make your training session convenient as possible. 
  • Reports: One of the biggest benefits to a resource planning software like Epicor® is its data gathering capabilities. However, this data means nothing if you can’t access it in the form of a readable report. If you’re using Epicor® version 10, SSRS reports are your solution. However, if you’re using earlier versions of the software, you’ll likely need a third party reporting software like Crystal Reports. Regardless of how you get your reports, PracticalTek can help set up and integrate you reporting software. Instead of deciphering difficult reports or figuring out how to change them yourself, our Epicor® consultants can help you modify and customize your reports to fit your preferences and business needs. From shipping and work-in-progress reports to delivery performance and lead-time reports, we can get you the reporting capabilities you need to optimize your business.

Whatever services you need, our highly trained staff can help. Even if you’re not quite sure what you need, we can analyze your current software, compare it to your business’ needs and provide you with a comprehensive plan for improvement, offering you a variety of optimization options from which to choose.

Benefits of Working with Consultants

Even if you’re confident in your business’ use of the Epicor® software, employing an experienced ERP consultant will still be a huge benefit. Just a few of the benefits of include:

  • Cost Effectiveness: Hiring and maintaining an employee or IT team with specialized knowledge in the Epicor® software can be extremely expensive to you and your company, especially when you’ll likely only need the extra help when implementing, upgrading or training on the software. Instead of adding more people on your payroll, hire a third-party team with extensive knowledge and expertise to work for you when you need them. It not only cuts the costs of maintaining an on-site team, but a team of experts can help you save money with streamlined processes and effective software solutions. It’s much more cost-effective for your business by a long shot! 
  • Highly Experienced: In addition to saving you money, a specialized Epicor® consulting firm can also provide you with experienced and knowledgeable service. Unlike an on-site IT team, our consultants live and breathe the Epicor® software, working with it every single day. We’ve experienced every potential error, worked with every industry and solved every process problem possible, meaning we have the experience necessary to help with any question or problem you may have. 
  • Personalized Service: The benefit of having an independent Epicor® consultant working with you is that you receive highly personalized service, working with a consultant who knows you by name. Our team wants to see you succeed, which is why we track every experience we have with you to ensure we know what works best for you and your company. This way, we can offer you the best customized ERP consulting services so you can get on with your business!

Our many happy clients can support our promise for excellent quality, cost-effective service. One of our happy clients from Kadant Black Clawson, Inc. had this to say about our services:

“We have been using PracticalTek for about 8 months now to augment my 1 person Epicor® staff. We are using PracticalTek to help us with screen changes, report development, BAQ/BPM development, performance advice, solution design, system integration, and functional consulting. We have been very happy with their work. They have always been clear about work estimates and stayed within them. Their technical quality has been excellent and their cost reasonable. PracticalTek has always been able to address our requirements even in emergency situations. I would recommend PracticalTek as a partner for Epicor® technical services and continue to use them.“

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PracticalTek’s Epicor® consulting not only saves you money but offers you functionality and support that you simply can’t find anywhere else.

If you even suspect your system may harbor any inefficiencies, PracticalTek can identify and eliminate them for you. Stop letting inefficient processes hold you back and discover everything a professionally implemented Epicor® system can do for you.

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