What is Epicor® ERP?

Epicor® is the most popular and functional enterprise resource planning software available on the market today, used in over 150 countries and available in over 30 languages. Consisting of several modules and available in multiple versions, the software is a system designed to work with any industry, offering customizable functions and an easy-to-use interface that even the newest employees can understand. But what exactly does this mean for your business, and how exactly can the Epicor® ERP software help you and your business thrive? That’s where PracticalTek comes in.

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At PracticalTek, we believe you deserve an ERP system that works for you. Our complete customization and training services will help you streamline and master the software in your own way and in your own time. Instead of trying to learn and alter the software on your own, we help you throughout the process, from start to finish, training you and your employees and customizing and programming the software for you so you can keep your business running smoothly.

Part of what makes PracticalTek the best in the business is our understanding of the software itself and how it can benefit businesses of all shapes and sizes. In combination with the expertise only PracticalTek can provide, Epicor® software provides you with the best way to grow your business.

Epicor® ERP Software Features

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The Epicor® software is highly flexible and scalable software, consisting of a variety of modules from which you can pick and choose what you need. Everything from customer relationship management and supply chain management to human capital management and manufacturing operations can be handled within the software by choosing your preferred combination of highly developed modules. The modules and features available in the ERP include the following:

  • Supply Chain Management: Manage everything from inventory and shipping to warehousing and supplier relationship management within this module, and visualize the supply chain from start to finish.
  • Production Management: Assign jobs and manufacturing duties within this module, and choose your quality assurance tests to help produce the highest quality products possible.
  • Planning and Scheduling: Decide when to order materials, forecast your production numbers and plan your next moves with an integrated scheduling system.
  • Project Management: Plan, manage and bill your projects within this module, keeping them all in a single ERP software so you can easily keep an eye on everything.
  • Product Data Management: Product lifecycles, configuration, costs and engineering concerns can all be tracked and communicated within this module.
  • Service Management: Field services, contracts and maintenance services each have their own place within the software, allowing you to schedule and manage your people and resources effectively within a single module.
  • Human Capital Management: Human resources, payroll and recruitment don’t need to be complicated. Run all this and more through the Human Capital Management module.
  • Sales Management: Quotes, orders and sales can all be run through the sales management module of Epicor®, allowing sales personnel to communicate orders as they come in.
  • Customer Relationship Management: Track leads, contacts and cases easily in a combined CRM system so you don’t lose track of a hot lead ever again.
  • Financial Management: Taxes, accounts and financial planning, all in a single software module. Track all of your business’ financial details within Epicor® ERP and rest easy knowing that everything is tracked in-system to make your finances easier to manage.
  • Security Compliance: The highly secure ERP software ensures your business data is safe.
  • Enterprise Performance: No matter how many facilities you own or how many countries your facilities span, it can handle everything. From business intelligence to multicurrency and multilingual managing.

Each of these modules and features is designed to work as a cohesive whole with any additional model, automatically integrating information into the system to provide a complete company overview. Even better, if your company grows, adds a new department or decides to add another module into its ERP package, you can tack on the new module easily. PracticalTek’s software support services can help you through the process, implementing each additional module in the most effective manner possible.

For Your Business

Hundreds of industries currently use the ERP. Just a few of the industries using Epicor® we’ve served in the past include:

  • Manufacturing: Whether you’re manufacturing automotive parts or pharmaceutical products, with the ability to manage processes, assets and supply chains, the software gives manufacturers the information and capabilities they need to react quickly to the ever-changing markets and customer satisfaction rates.
  • Retail: No matter the size or product of your retail business, it can help you manage every single detail. Visualize both front and back of house operations and manage inventory and cash flow accurately with an easy-to-use point-of-sale solution. Additionally, customer and inventory tracking capabilities allow your business to succeed in the fast-paced retail world.
  • Distribution: Warehousing and transporting massive quantities of product on a daily basis can be difficult to manage for even the best distribution business, but Epicor® software makes it easier than ever. Now one of the fastest growing customer segments of the ERP, distribution companies benefit immensely. The software allows these distributors to track incoming and outgoing product as efficiently as possible, linking sales, inventory, supplier and customer data into a holistic picture of the business. This holistic overview allows distributors to identify and solve problems in the line as quickly as possible.
  • Services: The service industry is a constantly growing and changing field, and it needs a software that can keep up with it. Epicor® offers all of the capabilities any service business needs, helping businesses in industries ranging from education and financial services to research and marketing. By providing comprehensive business software solutions, track financial processes, scheduling and resources, allowing them to , streamline operations. No matter how big the company or how widespread the service area.

No matter your industry or the size of your business, Epicor® can help you grow and succeed.

Epicor® ERP Software Support

The primary purpose of Enterprise Resource Planning software is to provide users with a way to understand and manage their resources and assets, monitoring everything from inventory and supply chains to purchases and distribution. Regardless of the size or scope of the business, the system can be customized to help managers and owners keep an eye on everything and keep the business running smoothly. However, optimizing the software to do so involves a great deal of time and effort, and though the software is user friendly software problems do happen. That’s where PracticalTek’s Epicor® software support services can help.

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PracticalTek consists of several independent experts, providing extensive support services to businesses across a variety of industries. Whether your business is in manufacturing, distributing, retail or service, our experts can help you identify and solve issues as they arise with friendly and knowledgeable service. Simply tell us where you need help, and our Epicor® certified experts can get it done, no matter the size or scope of the task.

It’s important to us that your software doesn’t just work — we want it to work well. That’s why PracticalTek also offers a host of consulting services in addition to our technical support capabilities. We’ll help you with:

  • Implementation: Let us help you optimize your software from day one. We can help you install the software properly, guaranteeing a high-quality download and pristine initial setup.
  • Customization: Epicor® is made for customization, and we at PracticalTek know the best way to do it. Eliminate unnecessary processes and streamline your workflow with a PracticalTek modified system.
  • Training: Give your employees the tools they need. PracticalTek offers high-quality training for any version of the software, and we can even teach your personnel how to train others in the software.
  • Reporting: Get the most out of your system’s data gathering capabilities with extensive reporting solutions. No matter which reporting software you use, from a third party company or Epicor® itself, we can help you set your software up to provide you with high-quality reports in minutes!

When you partner with PracticalTek, you can rest assured you’re getting personalized support and consulting services. You’ll be paired off with a certified specialist, who will learn about your business and its needs and make recommendations based on where you want to see your business go in the future.

Epicor® ERP Software Versions

You have endless customization possibilities, so why look for a one-size-fits-all support service? With PracticalTek, you get personal service with every call. Our representatives work to understand your business and its needs and how Epicor® can work for you and your business.

Because we recognize the variety of needs of our client base, we specialize in a variety of products. Our technicians and representatives have extensive training and can provide support services for:

Our independent consultants can help you understand your version of the Epicor® software inside and out because we know every nook and cranny ourselves. We know the best ways to implement each software in every business because we know how they work and how to avoid any problems and pitfalls you may encounter. From customized dashboards to specialized codes, we can make any version of Epicor® into a fully functioning powerhouse to offer you the best in workflow processes and reporting.


Epicor® software can be difficult to understand, and no matter how long you’ve worked with the software, problems and mistakes happen. That’s why you need an independent consultant to help, and that’s why PracticalTek is the best option for any Epicor® user.

As an independent professional services provider, we at PracticalTek, LLC know what it takes to make Epicor® work for you and your business. Since 1997, we’ve been working in the IT business and learning it from the ground up. Our low-cost, competitive services are the best in the business, and we know we can provide you with the highest quality customer service in the industry. That’s why we have numerous clients across the United States. More importantly, our focus on our customers means we only want to provide you with the best we have to offer. That’s why we only employ the most knowledgeable and highly certified technicians available.

In short, our Epicor® specialists at PracticalTek can offer you the most functional system with the best support, all while saving you money. You won’t find this good of a deal anywhere else, but at PracticalTek, we make it a guarantee.

Contact PracticalTek today to learn what our specialists can do for you.